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Mastering The Masterbatches

M.G. Polyblends is the renowned producer of color masterbatch and additive masterbatch with contented clients all over the world. This ISO 9001:2008 certified company established in the year 1994 is now a brand name in Plastic & Chemical industry.

Products manufactured at M.G. Polyblends are perfectly designed undergoing the hi-tech process such as extrusion, injection moulding, blow moulding, thermoforming and rotomolding.

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Our Products

  • Rotofoam Masterbatch

    Rotationally Molded Foam Masterbatch for plastic containers and storage tanks

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  • Heat Shrink Compound

    Thesea are heat curable, moulding compounds with anti-tracking properties.

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  • One Shot Foam Compound

    We've had developed one shot foam compound for the rotational moulding applications in which a product is desired to be made in a single step. 

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  • Single Pigment Concentrates

    The mono color concentrates single color pigment concentrates usually contain very high per...

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  • Microbeads for PET

    Color masterbatches for PET & PC bottles and containers

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  • Masterbatch for PPR Pipes

    We have successfully developed color masterbatches for PET & PC bottles and containers which have overcome the problem of dispersion during the manufacturing of bigger size PET bottles.

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  • Black and White Masterbatch

    Know more about Black and White Masterbatch

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  • Silicone Masterbatch

    Silicone Masterbatch for HFFR Cables

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  • PVC Prill Masterbatch for PVC & PE's

    Micro Colour PVC and PVC Prill Masterbatch. 

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  • TPU Masterbatch

    Additive and colour masterbatches based on TPU.  

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  • Processing Aid For Nylon

    We have designed masterbatches for quick and easy processing of unfilled and glass filled grades of  virgin / recycled / reprocessed nylon / polyamide

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  • Unbreakable Rotomoulding Compound

    Unbreakable Rotomoulding Compound

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  • PVC Foam Masterbatch

    PVC Foam masterbatch

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  • Colour Masterbatch

    Know more about Colour Masterbatch 

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  • PP Fibre Masterbatch

    PP Fibre Masterbatch

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