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M.G. Polyblends is pioneer in developing heat shrinkable compound. Our heat curable, moulding compounds are based on polyolefin material having some specialty chemicals and mould release additives.

Curing material (Peroxide particularly dicumyl peroxide) has not been included in our heat shrink product and hence it does not loses its processing as well as electrical properties during storage. That means it can be stored for any period of time. Users have to incorporate peroxide duping sheeting of the material on a Two Toll Mill or mix in a mixer prior to use in injection moulding.

Our Heat shrinkable compounds offers excellent weathering and other electrical properties required in Power Cable Jointing, Heat Shrink Cable Tubing, Anti Tracking Rain Sheds, Cable Breakout Boots And Cable End Caps applications used worldwide.

These heat shrinkable polymeric plastic granules having specific gravity and moisture content along with other properties do not lose their processing and electrical properties during storage.

This heat shrink compound offers anti tracking properties in the polymeric moulded product used in Heat Shrinkable Cable Joints.

: Plastic Granules ( size in mm)


: Red / Black


  • Power Cable Jointing.
  • Heat Shrink Cable Breakouts.
  • Anti Tracking Rain Sheds
  • Heat Shrink Cable Tubing
  • Heat Shrink Cable End Caps.

PACKAGING: Material is packed in 25kgs in HDPE woven sacks.

We at M.G. Polyblends use most advanced technology that is under the supervision most experienced and qualified team of experts to ensure a top quality manufacturing process. Our are widely accepted and are highly recommended for its flawless quality and reliability in eletrical product manufacturing companies. We provide a top standard products approved worldwide with complete satisfaction to customers all over the globe.

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