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Anti Rodent Masterbatch

ANTIRODENT  Carrier Resin Anti Rodent Masterbatch
ANTIRODENT  EVA Cable Applications


Anti Rodent Masterbatch - Micro-porous polymer filled with mixture of odor emitting chemicals and very bitter compounds, converted to masterbatch in EVA base.


Cylindrical Pellets




Pungent Odor

Granule Size

2 – 3 mm

Bulk Density

0.56 – 0.58 gm/cc


Insoluble in water & solvents


Stable at ambient temperature, under normal conditions of use


  • EVA Polymer Base.
  • Dissuades rodents and termites from attacking polymers
  • Long lasting effectiveness due to controlled release of active ingredients, hence increased life of finished product (approximately 10-15 years)
  • Effective at low addition levels (3-4% of masterbatch or 0.3-0.4% of active additive in final application)
  • Easy dispersion in final product due to high surface area without affecting polymer properties
  • Human safe, Ecologically safe
  • Compatible with respective polymers
  • RoHS compliant


Areas of Application

Areas of Plastic/Polymer Industry:

  • Our Anti Rodent Masterbatch can be used in Domestic/Industrial Cables, Drip Irrigation Pipes, Automobile Cables, PVC Compounds for Cables, Grain bags, Warning tape for underground utilities etc.


Mode of Action

  • Anti Rodent Masterbatch cum Termite Repellent Masterbatch contains odour emitting chemicals & very bitter compounds unaccepted by rodents and termites.
  • This objectionable odor dissuades rodents and termites from biting the polymers containing this additive.
  • Even if they bite the polymer once, they get dissuaded from biting it again due to highly bitter taste.
  • Rodents & Termites transmit the information to next generation that automatically start avoiding it.

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