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 Silicone Masterbatch for Hdpe Pipes/Ducts

Silicone Masterbatch for Hdpe Pipes/Ducts

It is specially formulated masterbatch containing high molecular weight polydimethyl siloxane additive dispersed in polyolefin. It is designed to be used as an additive in polyethylene compatible system to impart benefits such as low coefficient of friction (CoF) , high gloss and high abrasion resistance to final product such as HDPE Pipes/ducts. When it is used in inner layer of telecom ducts, it reduces the coefficient of friction (CoF) and thus facilitate the blow of optic fiber cables to longer distance.

Following are the characteristic after adding Silicone Master Batch.

  1. Its inner wall Silicone core layer is slide with permanence lubricant.
  2. Its inner wall Silicone core layer is extruded into the inside of pipe wall by synchronization, distributed uniformly in the whole inner wall, the Silicone core layer has the same physical and mechanical performance as the HDPE: no peel, no separation.
  3. Its inner Silicone core friction performance is not changed, the cable can be drawn out in the pipe again and again.
  4. Its inner wall Silicone core layer is not dissolved in the water. If the ordure comes into pipe, you can wash pipe by water so as to avoid the damage of that the rodent.

Application of HDPE Pipe along with Silicone Master batch.

It is suitable for pipeline system of outdoor telecommunication optical fibre, optical cable and electrical cable and power supplying pipe system at the local network range, including part relay pipe, feed liner pipe, wiring pipe and special network pipe, long distance telecommunication pipe, building and construction inner protection to guarantee the electrical wire and cable distributed pipe.

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