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Foam masterbatch for rotomoulded tanks

Foam Masterbatch For Rotomoulded Tanks, Masterbatch For Water Tanks

Masterbatch for Water Tanks

Foaming agents are the additives which evolve gas through chemical reactions or through thermal decomposition. This gas creates cell structure in the polymer matrix. Foaming agents are of two types, Exothermic blowing agent and Endothermic blowing agent. Being the quality Manufacturer of Masterbatch for Water Tanks, we have developed foaming agent masterbatch based on Exothermic blowing agent.

This blowing agent is properly dispersed in a polyolefinic resin along with some specialty chemicals which helps in creating a very fine cell structure in Rotomoulded LLDPE tanks.

Since our Roto foam masterbatch is in pulverized form and hence there is saving in pulverization cost to our customer and we have Foam masterbatch for rotomoulded tanks specially. Request a quote and buy the lowest price Masterbatch for Water Tanks.

Differences between rotofoam masterbatch and other foaming agents: -

Bases of Comparison

Rotofoam Masterbatch

Foaming Agent

Structure formation


Not uniform

Thickness and cell structure

Getting more thickness and fine cell structure due to additives in the masterabatch

Less thickness and cell structure is not as fine as compare to rotofoam masterbatch.

Processing window

Wide 190-230 degree

Narrow 200-210 degree


Better Processibility

More difficult to get dispersed as the LDR is very low.

Appearance White polymeric pulverized powder
Carrier Resin Polyolefin
Properties Very fine closed cell structure Better surface appearance Direct dosage in final formulation
Recommended Dosage 30-60% of the weight of foamed /middle layer polymer or adjust it as per your requirement
Recommended Temperature 190- 220 degree centigrade
Benefits Reduce Weight Strength ratio Improve rigidity Thermal Insulation Excellent Impact Strength
Packaging Material is packed in 20 kg HDPE Woven Sacks

FOAMING AGENT  Carrier Resin Applications
FOAMING AGENT LLDPE Rotomoulding Water Tanks
FOAMING AGENT LLDPE Rotomoulding Water Tanks
FOAMING AGENT LLDPE Rotomoulding Water Tanks
FOAMING AGENT LLDPE Rotomoulding Water Tanks

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