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Polypropylene Random Pipe Colour Masterbatch

Polypropylene Random Pipe Colour Masterbatch

Construction & Building Solutions
Foam Masterbatch for water tanks, Colour masterbatch for PVC and PPR Pipes, Masterbatch for crosslinked PE Pipes.

M.G. POLYBLENDS has also designed a special Polypropylene Random Pipe Colour Masterbatch (PPR Pipes). This masterbatch has superior dispersibility of the pigments and does not damage rigidity, heat resistance and impact resistance of the pipe.

The Polypropylene Random Pipe Colour Masterbatch contains some special additives which bring elasticity, flexibility and impact toughness while maintaining clarity in the pp random copolymer.

Masterbatch Applications:
Plastics & Polymeric compounds are becoming increasingly important in today's Building and Construction industries, often replacing existing materials as they are more durable, longer-lasting and attractive. New applications are always being developed that need to encompass the requirements of strict building codes and regulations.

M G Polyblends offers comprehensive product range and have vast experience in designing fully tailored formulations based on specific customer requirements. We've proven our capability to deliver products meeting exacting standards and providing materials with the necessary functional requirements of durability, strength, UV/weather resistance, flame retardant and antimicrobial properties etc. in addition to appearance.

  •   Production of PVC profiles
  •   PVC pipes and PPR Pipes
  •   Insulation Foam for Water Storage tanks
  •   Glow Signs, Door Indicators
  •   Fire extinguishers
  •   Starlite ceiling interior
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