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  •   Anti Static Masterbatches (permanent)
  •   Anti Tracking Compound For Cable Jointing Parts
  •   Silicone Masterbatch For XLPE (Silane cross-linked PE cable compound), HFFR and LSZH PE cables (Halogen Free Flame Retardant Cables and Low Smoke Halogen Free Cables), PVC Cables, HDPE/LDPE Cable Protection Pipe/Ducts

Masterbatch Applications:
M G Polyblends offers comprehensive product range and have vast experience in designing fully tailored formulations based on specific customer requirements. We've proven our capability to deliver products meeting exacting standards and providing materials with the necessary functional requirements of electrically insulating, heat-resistant, water-repellent, weather- and radiation-resistant properties for innovative electrical insulation materials.

  •   High tension Cables, HFFR cables, cable breakouts, boot caps etc
  •   Packaging films for sensitive electronic equipment, children slides etc
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