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Generally powdered pigments have aggregates and agglomerates which can not be further broken down into primary particles by milling process. This problem is mainly observed in Black, Phthalocyanine Blue, Phthalocyanine Green, Red, Yellow etc. pigments. It contains aggregates and agglomerates which creates specs (poor dispersion due to undispersed particles) in blown films, thin injection moulded parts etc.

In M.G.Polyblend's Micro PVC master batch, the pigment is dispersed to the finest possible particle size by using specialIty dispersant and additives under strict process conditions. This Micro PVC master batch gives excellent dispersion in final applications.


PVC compatible low molecular weight polymer


Extruded and moulded PVC / PE products like pipes, sheets, Profiles, flooring, wires & cables etc.

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