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Mono Colour Masterbatches

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Mono Colour Concentrate, Single Pigment Concentrates

Single Pigment Concentrates Masterbatches

We also have mono color concentrates / single pigment concentrates usually contain very high percentages of hard to disperse pigments such as phthalocyanine blue, phthalocyanine green, azo red etc.

It gives a spec/spot free color shade in color masterbatches. Two or more of them can be combined by masterbatch producers or synthetic yarn manufacturers to produce tailor-made shades avoiding the use of powder pigments.

S.No Product Name Pigment Type
1 Red Mono PR48:2
2 Red Mono PR53:1
3 Red Mono PR48:3
4 Red Mono PR170 (F3RK)
5 Red Mono PR170 (F5RK)
6 Red Mono PR57:1
7 Red Mono PR254
8 Red Mono PR101
9 Red Mono PR122
10 Red Mono PV19
11 Red Mono PR57:1  
12 Green Mono PG7 (Y)
13 Green Mono PG7 (B)
14 Green Mono PG7 (Y) - PS
15 Blue Mono PB15:3
16 Blue Mono PB15:1
17 Blue Mono PB15:0
18 Blue Mono PB29
19 Blue Mono PB29
20 Violet Mono PV23
21 Violet Mono PV15
22 Yellow Mono PY34 (LEMON CHROME)
23 Yellow Mono PY34 (MIDDLE CHROME)
24 Yellow Mono PY184
25 Yellow Mono PY110
26 Yellow Mono PBR24
27 Yellow Mono PY119
28 Yellow Mono PY168
29 Yellow Mono PY62
30 Yellow Mono PY191
31 Yellow Mono PY139
32 Yellow Mono PY183
33 Yellow Mono PY180
34 Yellow Mono PY83
35 Yellow Mono PY17
36 Yellow Mono PY13
37 Orange Mono  PO13
38 Orange Mono  PO34
39 Orange Mono  PR104 
40 Orange Mono  PO64
41 Silver Mono  Aluminium
42 Pearl Mono  Pearl

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